haiku 934875394587

bring me your leader
promise, he will not be harmed
just wanna get blazed

who has two thumbs

and is going to spend the day reading brain waves?

this guy

haiku 8347538475638

stop turning your eyes
looking for a distraction
you have things to do

Clementine: lighter game so strong

note to self

in 26 minutes you will be free for 3 days.
Remember your keys.
Smile at strangers.
Go home and get fucking blown.

note to self

stay awake
stay alert
stay alive
fix missteps
fix mistakes
fix miscommunications

6 steps
6 ways
6 chances

note to self

the world is not as quiet and dark as it was when you woke up this morning
you’re not as solitary and alone as you feel when the lights are off
this is not a book or a film you are viewing from the outside.

this is your story and you are the main character so why are you just sitting there?
why won’t you get up and fight for the ending you want?
get up.
get up!
you can do anything in the world and you’re just sitting there, typing away!
get up!

note to self.

Just came home and had a good cry for no reason

It felt fucking great. Sometimes something that you’ve buried and ignored needs to boil over without you really being sure why.

haiku 09458394

inhale, exhale, think
walk, talk, work, yawn, smile and nod
they can’t see past it

haiku 090345789

bring out your dead dreams
place them in my wishing well
i can bring them back

note to self

today is a day of being unsure
today is a day of unusual schedules
and today is a day of running and rushing.

today is a day of silent suffering
today is a day of quivering chins
and today is a day of being strong.

today is a day of standing where others fall
today is a day of chins up and shoulders back
today is the day you know you’ll be okay.
she’ll be okay.
we’ll be okay.

note to self.

note to self

today, you’re in a weird place.¬†
you don’t feel quite right.
the coffee is cold and the lights are bright.
the voices are high pitched and the temp is not right.
you’re still great.
this is temporary,
you are always.
this too, shall pass.

note to self.

haiku 023987235

cold coffee charades 
burnt out cigarettes, corpses
line the empty page

I’m having a rough night. Solutions.

I’m having a rough night. Solutions.

haiku 0192847 because i’ve given up on keeping track

Let’s smile and let’s dance
look down over the city
it looks up, envy