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Top: 2009
Bottom: 2014

Clementine in route.

Clementine in route.

My life has reached a point where

I crossed paths with my dad and he looked at the clock and said “wow 10:45, you’re up late huh?”

I’m living dangerously dad, living dangerously.

haiku about memories

i found the letter
that you never sent filled with
things i never said

haiku about us

i’m rolling my eyes
you’re laughing at my folly
you’re my warm spring breeze


clementinerewind replied to your post “I don’t believe people when they tell me I’m gorgeous, beautiful, or…”

i think you’re gorgeous as fuck and i don’t even want to sleep with you. we could probably just get coffee and pull off some leet deeps.

Means so much to me. I miss ya so much.

We could have a wacky sitcom together. Keep your chin up, lovely. xoxo

haiku about eyes

they’re like tiny chests
with stuffed drawers, spilling songs of
things you did not say

haiku about rain

the sky singing songs
pits and patters overhead
these are perfect days

i have these days

where i am detached. it’s mostly days when I’m trying to make changes. changes to diet or health or exercise or work ethic or anything. it feels like cotton is in my ears and the world around me is temporarily muted.

it’s like reality is saying “alright, you have some time. make your changes and get ready for the shit flood”.

so if I’m always changing, do i always get to feel this way?
because this.
i love this.

haiku about us

the breeze up my skirt
your whispers still in my ear
it’s friday, bay-bay

haiku about fear

a stone in my gut
a weight in my heart, a pain
when does it all stop?

haiku about people

we can’t hate ourselves
we’re the best friends we’ve got, babe
just you, me, and stars

haiku about sweet, sweet home

where the soul sits still
where the body rests and the
heart fears no one’s touch

haiku about skeletons

you’re just a soul, man
tangled in a skeleton
wrapped in a meat corpse

haiku about good mornings

waking to your smell
touching your face and your skin
see you soon, space capt.