thursday haiku 010

and the rain falls down
washing away the debris
your leftover lies


when i look at myself in the mirror i feel like one of those really detailed spongebob paintings


this was made 100% better by the fact that the guy I used to watch and quote spongebob with on the regular is the one that posted it.
we learned the F-U-N song together, man.

(via teejidealistic)

tuesday haiku 009

just a little dust
mixed with stars and suns in orbit
that’s how you got here

becomingadonis reblogged this from you and added:

Do they even know who they’re talking to? Smh they’ve got a big storm comin’.

You’ve got that right, Sassmaster General Tyler.

monday haiku 008 (?)

(the ? means I fucked my email chain up and have no idea if I’ve already done an 8 or not. smdh.)

bring us your weary
your tired, and your sick. We’ve got
lots of paperwork!

thursday haiku 009

you’re just a big fruit
tucked in a rind, full of seeds
your sweet taste slays me

thursday haiku 008

we’re over the hill
on the downslope of the week
headed for Drunk Town

wednesday haiku 009

sinking, swimming, spin
and once, and twice, and again
"welcome back, clock in!"

tuesday haiku 008

i feel the pressure
bearing down like a great cloud
so we flee, below

tuesday haiku 007

write in straight lines and
twisted, rhyming curves. lay it
down, scream it out, dream

i was gone all weekend

climbing rocks and smoking weed on said rocks i climbed.
and watching movies.
and playing drinking games that involves how many cattle rails you had to drive over.
but i’m back, tumblr.
everything’s gonna be okay.

wednesday haiku 008

like a cold, blank slate
i’m down under the weight of
sleep I did not get

monday haiku 007

slip in quietly
sit down, start up, buckle down
happy monday, bitch

thursday haiku 007

coffee and crackers
headbands, earrings, nail polish
throw it in and stir